AIM has been serving the cannabis industry since the first labs began testing in Colorado in 2008. Since then our services to the cannabis labs has grown with the industry. We've gone from providing just the lab instrumentation to setting up full, turnkey 3rd-party testing labs with ISO 17025 Accredidation

With several full-panel testing labs operating around the US, along with extractors, manufacturers, and cultivators building internal quality labs all using AIM equipment and support. Whether your lab is big or small, high-throughput or R&D, with a large or limited budget; AIM has the expertise to set your business up for success.

Jeremy Riggle, Ph.D. |
Chief Scientist |
Mary's Medicinals

"As a science focused cannabis company, internal quality control testing is one of our top priorities. This involves finding the appropriate instrumentation at competitive prices, which isn't a trivial process. AIM not only offers restored instrumentation at affordable prices, they take care of the installation, supply proven cannabis scientific methodology and go out of their way to provide any technical support we need. On several occasions I have reached out to the AIM team for their insight and expertise, on every occasion they have been more than happy to help. Considering that all of our manufacturing processes are dependent on quality control testing, the responsiveness of the AIM team has literally kept our company manufacturing products at times.

I have dealt with several refurbished instrument suppliers in the past, none of them were as accommodating, responsive, or willing to help us out as the team at AIM. As my company continues to grow and expand into multiple states, AIM will be our go-to supplier for any and all testing needs."

Erik Somoroff |
Owner |
Terramor Technologies

When I set out to build our Lab, I searched for quite a bit of time to find the equipment we wanted and the right vendor to purchase it from. After many phone calls, emails and a lot of reading, I chose AIM. Jared Harkins spent countless hours discussing the HPLC with me. We spoke about it’s functionality, technical aspects, servicing and what type of training was available to me. There was never any pressure to “close the deal”. As a matter of fact, he never even asked if I was ready to purchase. I made that decision based on my experience. I had spoken to about 10 different companies and AIM was hands down, the obvious choice.

Tim did the training onsite, was incredibly patient, and knew the equipment inside out . The training support has continued as Tim and Jared are always glad to assist. Our next instrument will come from AIM as there is no reason for us to look elsewhere.

Jim Sherburne |
President/Founder |
All Set Analytical

As a Laboratory Director in both the Environmental and Cannabis testing industries, I had the opportunity to work directly with AIM as a customer. Whenever equipment needs came up, I would call AIM. AIM engineers take equipment refurbishment and installation to the next level. Buying analytical equipment can be a big investment; reliability is paramount. AIM refurbished equipment provides that level of reliability you will come back to again and again.

In my current role as President and Founder of All Set Analytical, a laboratory consulting company, I have been fortunate to work more closely with AIM to provide services to Cannabis and Hemp Testing Labs specifically. The folks at AIM leverage their technical expertise and hands-on equipment knowhow to provide refurbished equipment solutions for any situation. Whether an experienced lab with specific equipment requirements or a new lab looking for a turn-key full lab setup, AIM has you covered.

When I partner with AIM on a project, I am often the first person to operate a piece of equipment they have installed in a lab. It amazes me the degree of detail AIM engineers put into refurbishing a piece of equipment. Not only do they fully refurbish the equipment to industry standards, they also conduct many test runs on the equipment prior to shipping it to a lab to ensure the end-user receives exactly what they need.

When you need equipment for your Cannabis or Hemp Testing Lab, choose AIM. They are the proven professionals in providing reliable turn-key instrumentation for any lab.