Triple-Quadrupole GC-MS/MS

For Cannabis Pesticides


Agilent 7000 Series GC-MS/MS

Triple-Quadrupole Gas Chromatography-Tandem Mass Spectrometry (GC-MS/MS) is often used as a supplementary tool to Liquid Chromatography–Mass Spectrometry (LC-MS/MS) for cannabis pesticides for analytes that do not ionize well on Electrospray Ionization (ESI) or Atmospheric Pressure Chemical Ionization (APCI). Depending on your state or country pesticide list, you may need a GC-MS/MS to go with your LC-MS/MS. It can also serve as an orthogonal confirmation of difficult cannabis pesticides. Cannabis pesticides lab testing can be conducted using either LC-MS/MS and GC-MS/MS.

AIM's recommendation will vary depending on the particular analyte and action-limit requirements given by the regulating body in your state or country. Our inventory includes 7000A-7000C systems and others are available. Installation and training for both the hardware and software are available.


  • A common GC-MS/MS configuration for cannabis pesticides is:
  • GC mainframe with liquid autosampler
  • Triple-Quadrupole MSD
  • Foreline Vacuum Pump
  • PC Data System with Software

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