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What are cannabis terpenes? If Cannabinoids are the lead singer then Terpenes are the band. Terpene potency is becoming more and more important as consumer tastes elevate and as the science behind the entourage effect becomes better understood throughout the cannabis testing industry. With extracts and concentrates, it's also important to make sure the terpenes in cannabis products are at an acceptable level after processing.

The tools of choice for testing terpenes are either the GC-FID or the GC-MS. Put simply, the difference between the two is that a GC-MS offers some extra capabilities and lower terpene detection limits compared to GC-FID, but at a higher initial and running cost.

On top of these choices you can choose from two different types of sample-introduction for terpene testing: Headspace or Liquid Injection. Headspace has the benefit of requiring almost no sample prep and a very clean introduction to your GC, reducing maintenance needs and increasing sensitivity. On the other hand, liquid injection uses simpler, cheaper hardware.

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Does this sound like a lot of options? You don't have to figure it out by yourself! Contact us for expert assistance in choosing the right solution for your cannabis testing needs. No two businesses are the same and neither are any two testing solutions. We work with you to find the best fit for your needs, budget, and experience level.

All AIM Terpene testing solutions come with a built-in method and SOP. We also offer installation and training either onsite or at our Colorado facility. All AIM equipment comes with warranty and support included.

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  HPLC Headspace GC or GC-MS Liquid GC or GC-MS ICP-MS LC-MS/MS GC-MS/MS


Residual Solvents


Heavy Metals



** For simple solvent analysis only. Headspace is preferred for most applications

**** Supplementary to LC/MS MS for certain pesticide analytes