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For Those Looking to Learn...

Cannabis Testing Starter Guide

New to cannabis testing? Read up in this beginner-friendly guide that summarizes common analytical testing equipment and the methods used for each process.

For Those Who Know What They're Looking For...

Browse Equipment Inventory

Already know about HPLC, GC, and MS? Browse our most common configurations and request a quote!

Don't see what you're looking for? We will configure specialized analytical instrumentation to custom fit your needs!

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Why Choose AIM?

Complete and Easy
Turnkey Systems

Our turnkey testing systems are ready for immediate use. Get complete cannabinoids/potency, terpenes, and residual solvent testing equipment preloaded with step-by-step methods and standard operating procedures (SOPs). More advanced analyses are available with custom method development options. We also offer testing system installation and in-depth training options for all experience levels.

Expert Guidance

With over 50 years of combined instrumental-analysis experience in CBD and THC testing, our team of experts knows our cannabis testing equipment and process inside and out. Take advantage of our expertise to get your hemp and cannabis testing lab off to a running start.

Service And Support

While some cannabis testing equipment companies may drop off your system and say "good luck and goodbye," we understand the importance of training and support. An analytical instrument without the knowledge of how to utilize it can feel as good as a paperweight.

At AIM, we provide instrument service and system support. This is why the majority of our cannabis lab testing business comes from repeat customers and referrals. We continue to support our analytical testing equipment for years to come.

Warranty Included

With the AIM warranty, the best refurbishment processes in the industry, and a dedicated support team, your investment in cannabis lab testing equipment will remain reliable and valuable for years or even decades.

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